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MPSR Burners

The Nu-way MPSR Multiplex Recuperative burner offers the alternative of a self recuperative burner or a separate recuperator and burner. The recuperative system is designed to extract expensive waste heat from the flue products of medium to high temperature industrial processes and to preheat the cold combustion air, returning heat to the process and so considerably reducing the fuel usage. The system is designed for the modernization of existing furnaces or for use in new, energy-efficient furnace designs. 

The system may be used with flue gas entry temperatures up to 1400°C. 

Combustion air makes three passes through the recuperator to give a high level of heat recovery from the hot gases. Depending upon the flue gas temperature and burner rating fuel savings of up to 50% or even more may be achieved. The recuperator design ensures that the combustion air is preheated only by the flue gases and not by the burner or furnace. 

All internal parts of the unit are manufactured from high grade heat resisting materials and the design ensures that these components are not subject to thermal stress. The design allows for easy dis-assembly to facilitate inspection, cleaning and replacement of internal sections should the need arise. 

Range of models to choose from 180 Kw to 750 Kw.

Wide turndown up to 30:1 

Applications: Applications include forge furnaces, reheating furnaces, intermittent kilns, soaking pits, heat treatment furnaces, crucible furnaces and indirect heating processes. 

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