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MPHA Burners

The MULTIPLEX HOT AIR (MPHA) range of compact industrial packaged burners cover outputs up to 4.4 MW using a very stable nozzle mixing combustion head and is suitable to use with Natural gas or LPG or other commercial gases ( gas specifications must be known before ordering).  

The MPHA burners are supplied with and without a refractory quarl, mounting requirements will depend on the option selected. With no quarl option selected, the user will provide burner combustion zone in the wall of the combustion chamber (as per dimensions provided by Nuway). The refractory quarl (if supplied) and holder would normally be fitted into the combustion chamber before the burner is fitted. 

These burners have the option of medium / high velocity firing by adjusting the input pressure for air & fuel.

Range of models to choose from 60 Kw to 4.40 Mw.

Wide turndown up to 30:1 

Applications: High temperature Kilns & furnaces – slot forge, melting, annealing etc.

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