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DUCT Burners (ES Series)

The Nuway ENERGYSTREAM (ES) burners represent a new concept in direct fired air heating. They are the line type burners that can be mounted directly inside the ducts, to eliminate special supports / foundation and save on the space too!

These being modular construction units, can be built into a variety of patterns like straight line / I sections / rectangular structures, to suit the duct dimensions / configurations. ES burners can use the process air itself as a combustion air – no need to have the additional air supply or can be supplied with combustion air blower, if the process demands.  

A single module of 305 mm length delivers 600 Kw heat, the highest amongst all competition and hence makes it most sought after burner having greater energy in smaller size! Works well with all types of commercial gases and a variety of materials to choose from; a wider choice to use in applications from 25°C up to 1200°C; no other burner in the market can match! ES burners can be built to any capacity from smallest i.e. 150Kw to XXX Mw, as this is a modular burner.

Applications: Air supply units in automotive paint shops, hot air generators, spray dryers in Ceramic / food / detergent powder industries, comfort heating, air dryers, , fume incineration , turbine exhaust reheat , de moisturising units etc.

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