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FMP Burners

The FMP range of packaged burner units is based on the proven range of MULTIPLEX industrial burners. The burners are of rugged construction and use customer-specified oil nozzles or the Multiplex gas nozzle, together with an integral fan and packaged valve train. FUEL Burners can be supplied for (light) oil, dual fuel, all commercial gases, and in addition can be produced for use with other gases such as mines gas, bio gas and producer gas.

CONSTRUCTION: FMP burners can utilize either medium or low velocity combustion tunnels. 

Tunnel options:

METAL COMBUSTION TUNNELS For low temperature applications up to 450°C, standard stainless steel material can be used for the combustion tunnel. For high temperature applications up to 900°C, a high quality heat resistant stainless steel is available. 

SILICON CARBIDE TUNNELS For high temperature applications up to 1300°C, 

REFRACTORY COMBUSTION TUNNELS For high temperature applications up to 1450°C, conventional refractory quarls, together with holders are available. These quarls can be cased in heat-resisting stainless steel if required.

Range of models to choose from 20 Kw to 4.4 Mw.

Wide turndown up to 30:1 on gas

Applications: Ovens, incinerators, furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, etc.

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