Bentone was founded in Ljungby in 1954 by Karl-Erick Johansson and already from the start Bentone were focusing on optimizing burners and always perform better than our competitors and our big secret was to use as little fuel as possible and create a very nice oil mist from the nozzle and create a mix of oil and air for a perfect combustion. Bentone was one of the pioneers in early combustion technology and since then we have continuously developed new technology.

During the early years several local Swedish burner manufacturers like Goldflame and Suecia merged with Bentone and our international expansion started within 10 years from the founding of the company and new export markets like Turkey, Jordan, France, Iraq, Belgium, Thailand, India, Malaysia and the UK were introduced to the ultimate Swedish Bentone burner.

Today with our new financial strong owner Nibe we have the perfect opportunity to continue to develop more fuel efficient and low NOx burners suitable for different markets all over the world.

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