LPG/ NG fired burners for Bakery ovens

For years bakeries are using diesel-fired ovens. Easy availability of diesel,  good calorific value & comparatively simple construction of burners were the main reasons for diesel being a popular diesel in this industry.

The situation is changing in recent years. A better network of LPG & NG  supply has made gas easily available for all companies.  In recent months when diesel prices are touching new skies, due to comparatively stable prices, LPG or NG has emerged as a better option for bakeries. Better availability of state or art gas burners manufactured as per European safety standards, clean environment-friendly fuel, more consistent performance compared to diesel and trouble-free operation has made gas a better fuel options.

We at Pratham Engineering  Systems are distributors for Bentone & Nuway brand burners  from Sweden & UK. Bentone especially has remained favourite burner for years of all Bakery oven manufacturers & Users too in India. We have retrofitted many bakery ovens with these gas fired burners & results are fantastic. The total payback we have seen is less than one year for the entire investment without compromising on oven performance.

Major reason for this change are as below.

  • Very less on minimum changes required for actual fitment of new gas burner at the place of oil fired burner.
  • Since gas in clean fuel & environment friendly fuel, it needs less periodical maintenance, naturally less breakdowns compare to diesel burners.
  • New generation burners are completely safe & trouble free.

GST benefit is also one major reason behind popularity of gas. Diesel is still not included in GST so bakery user cannot take set off against taxes paid which is available with gas. This makes gas very cheap compared to Diesel.

We at Pratham can offer you complete turnkey solution for gas conversion of existing bakery ovens. A combination of well experienced service team & world class gas burners can provide you complete energy  solution for bakery ovens.

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